Care Instructions

To care about your clothes

Reducing the environmental impact of a piece of clothing means ensuring that it lasts a long time. This involves two things. The first is a high-performance and resistant material . The second is proper care of the garment . It is this last point that we will discuss here. We must consider our clothes as a precious good, since it is the case. We must therefore do everything to ensure that he accompanies us as long as possible. Here are the simple steps to adopt so that your Triloop textiles last as long as possible!


4 simple THINGS for your clothes, 4 important THINGS for the planet. 🌍

1 - Wash your clothes only when you really need to

This is the first advice you will hear, although for sportswear it is complicated since you will sweat in it almost every time you use it... However, if you wear it outside of sport, it may not be not be useful to wash it systematically. You will save your clothes and the planet's water resources!

2 - Follow the washing instructions indicated on the label

It may seem obvious, but the washing instructions on the label are not chosen at random and are intended to guarantee the durability of the product if they are respected. Overall, it is advisable to look at the label to also know the origin of the material and the garment.

3 - Avoid the dryer

The dryer will certainly dry your clothes faster, but it will involve a lot of energy consumption and will wear out your clothes more quickly because of friction. In addition, the materials that make up Triloop clothing dry very quickly, which is why they are very pleasant even in rainy weather! It is therefore you who have the power to tip the scales in favor of saving a few minutes of time, or preserving the environment and your clothes.

4 - Wash at 30°

It's not us who say it... but ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency! Washing at 30° instead of 60° means cutting energy consumption in half in addition to protecting your clothes from the harmful effects of high temperatures. Finally, preserving the planet is also preserving your wallet: everyone is a winner.

Plastic microparticles, a problem that has its solution


Knowing that our products are made from recycled synthetic materials, there is a very important point to consider for the respect of the environment. This is not a care advice as such since it will not really impact the life of your garment, but rather advice to preserve our oceans from plastic pollution . Washing releases plastic microparticles from synthetic clothes, which end up in the oceans since they are too fine to be detected and filtered in sewage treatment plants. They are only microparticles so nothing very important you will tell us. These microparticles, however, represent between 15 and 30% of the plastic present in the oceans . Worse still, they are swallowed by the fish that we then eat. As you will have understood, it is a material that is very harmful to the environment . As any problem has its solution, there are washing bags to recover these plastic microparticles and prevent them from ending up in the oceans.